Tiana Lui



Tiana Lui is a sophomore at NYU Gallatin and Long Island native, concentrating in Computers and Multimedia Art, with specific interests in using digital media to document artistic practices and utilizing the web as a powerful educational tool. Most of Tiana’s works are fueled by curiosity and in-depth analysis; she has written papers on originality, reviewed art exhibitions, created a video analyzing The Great Gatsby, and generated a magazine spread on our affiliations with temporal light.

“The future of the website”

What would a website look like in 3D? Tiana Lui’s VR gallery room showcases “The Future of the Website”, whereby the normal 2D website interface is boosted with a 3D representation. The 2D page is re-created and portrayed in 3D, providing an added dimension of immersion for the user. Upon entering, the viewer will be greeted by a 2D interface. When the viewer clicks on the interface, he/she will enter the 3D world of the website. Scrolling down on the page equates to venturing further into the 3D world. Users can also interact with the 3D books in the about section.