Rebecca Shi



Rebecca Shi is a senior at NYU's College of Arts and Science, from Queens, New York. She is studying Computer Science, and will be working full time as a Software Engineer at JP Morgan Chase starting this summer. She enjoys working on front-end, UI/UX, and graphic design. At NYU, she is a technical specialist at the Print3D club, NYU's 3D printing club, and a mentor for the Peer Undergraduate Mentoring Program. She also worked on the website and graphics of the NYU Entrepreneurs Festival. In her free time, she also enjoys 3D modeling, painting, and drawing.


“moments everyday”

"Moments Everyday" is an immersive experience designed to reflect how we all have precious memories that we treasure - whether it's a big moment like skiing for the first time, or a small piece of everyday like laughing with your family. When the viewer enters the gallery, they will find themselves in an ordinary studio apartment -- kitchen, couch, tv, bed. But everywhere they look, they see a sphere, with a different scene on it. Every video on these spheres is a personal video, recorded throughout the last few years, meant to show that even through someone else's memories, we can enjoy and treasure these experiences and be reminded of our own.