Maghul Farooqui



Mahgul Farooqui is a Junior, originally from Pakistan. She is a student at NYU Abu Dhabi where she’s majoring in Visual Arts with minors in Economics and Film. In the arts, she is focusing largely on photography and digital art. Mahgul has, during her education, worked on various photography projects, including an exploration on the South Asian presence in the UAE, the idea of visibility in fashion, and the fight against the Italian Mafia in Naples, Italy. 


Mahgul Farooqui’s VR gallery space will hold an art installation, called “Oxygen.” Set in outer space, the work features portraits of Mahgul’s mother, father and her two sisters. The portraits are composed of line art, animated elements and her own photography. Each portrait explores her understanding and relationship with each of her family members. Combined, the piece examines how, in a place without life support, family can become exactly that; your source of oxygen in outer space.