Julianna Bjorksten



Julianna Bjorksten is a junior at NYU Gallatin, originally from Casper, Wyoming, concentrating in 20th century literary theory and new media storytelling with a minor in creative writing. She is particularly interested in immersive and interactive art, and also in the intersection between traditional art and literature and their modern forms. Julianna is also engaged with these topics as an artist herself, both as a visual artist and as a writer.

“Eye of the storm”

Julianna Bjorksten’s VR gallery space is an immersive, 360 experience: the viewer finds themselves in the middle of a crowded New York subway car surrounded by illustrated, ogling subway-goers who rapidly change positions around them. After remaining in this busy, over-stimulated space, they are transported deep into the forest near a green pond, where they experience serenity and solitude. This piece explores the juxtaposition between solitary and crowded spaces, and also between the urban and the rural.It encourages users to find the eye of the storm within the hectic, buzzing reality of urban life.