John Knox



John Knox is a senior undergraduate student at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering and majoring in Computer Science. He has completed numerous projects in Mixed Reality using Unity engine and C# programming . John is currently participating in a university research project running on the Microsoft HoloLens that aims to virtualize laboratory experiments for online students. This project was selected for exhibition at the 2018 NYC Media Lab conference.Recently, he was selected to participate in the MIT five-day “Reality Virtually Hackathon” where he led a team of four and created an augmented reality app on iOS for online clothes shopping. John has also started development of a virtual reality app for the Gallatin Arts Festival running on the Oculus Rift.



Johnathan Knox created a VR experience called Terraform, that allows the user to create mountains and explosions in a Virtual space by stepping on a Dance-Dance Revolution (DDR) Dance Mat. By looking around the baron land, you can determine where to place a mountain, and then step on the DDR pad in order to place it in the world. This experience is supposed to make you feel powerful and in control of the land that surrounds you, so go nuts and mold the landscape to your liking.