Jeannie Park



Jeannie Park is a junior in Gallatin, originally from New York. Concentrating in fashion design in connection to the psyche and the body and fashion business with focus in the evolution of technology, her studies investigate fashion’s connection with the modern and postmodern identity, as well as explore the body in a sociological perspective through the lens of fashion and dress. She is also studying how the fashion industry has been changed and will continue to be only further revolutionized with the rise of technology. An aspiring fashion designer, she is also an up-and-coming fashion model as well as an artist who had her artwork exhibited at the Washington Square Park Art Fair. She wishes to exhibit authenticity and a sense of human connection through all of her creations and designs

draft 2.jpeg


Jeannie Park’s VR gallery room showcases her augmented reality artwork, or her charcoal drawing which she augmented, called Enlightenment. The fantasical, colorful augmenting elements of this piece work to represent the illusory nature of our world today, especially in technology and the media. The augmented art piece also incorporates music to bring the viewer of a journey of enlightenment and self-discovery. She intends to represent how technology was meant to bring us closer together but has seemingly isolated us as individuals. The artist’s ultimate goal in creating this augmented artwork was to illustrate the need for authentic human connection within our technological world to color our days again.