Edify Symposium - May 6th, 2019

NYU Eisner & Lubin Auditorium


What is Edify Projects?

Edify Projects is an initiative to create a national high school competition in which students reimagine their schools’ physical and programmatic design — thinking critically about their own education and brainstorming innovative ideas for a future-oriented K-12 education system. This year the project was piloted by over 50 students from NYU & Monument Mountain High School and will expand to more schools in 2020.

This year the NYU design team identified four key areas they feel are underemphasized in K-12 education: ecological sustainability, technological literacy, creativity & entrepreneurship, and human & life skills - instilled both in the curricular and architectural designs showcased at the symposium.

The Edify Symposium is a student created, led, and executed conference that revolves around the presentation of architectural and curricular redesigns of a public high school created by teams of both undergraduate and high school students. This year’s symposium will feature redesigns of a public high school in rural Massachusetts — Monument Mountain Regional High School.

Website: https://edifyprojects.com


Gallatin Arts Festival - April 8-12, 2019


The VR museum is proud to participate in this year’s Gallatin Arts Festival.

The Gallatin Arts Festival is a week-long, community-wide celebration of the unique artistry and interdisciplinary scholarship of students at NYU’s Gallatin School. The festival features student work in the visual and performing arts and serves as a galvanizing force and springboard for action and discussion through the creation and presentation of artistic work.