Claudia Ni



Claudia Ni is a sophomore at Liberal Studies, originally from China and have lived in New York for five years. Although not her major, Claudia has a keen interest in history and cultural exchanges. She started a cultural club called Long Island HanFu Society in high school, that advocates a revival of traditional culture and positive communication between east and west cultures. Her club is active on YouTube and social media, in which it shares HanFu information and every member’s passion through the internet and new media.

“Hanfu x city, time traveled fashion”

HanFu, the traditional clothes of China. City, the epitome of modernity. Claudia Ni’s VR gallery space exhibits the “duo” of East and West, Tradition and Modernity, where the viewers can see the display of HanFu, and the pictures and videos of its succession and transformation as a new trend of fashion in today’s world.