Briana Bane



ABriana Bane is a senior at Gallatin, concentrating in Music and New Media. Her studies center around how the progression of music and media’s interactions have shaped how our world is viewed today. Her love for podcasts and their ability to capture information in a heartfelt, genuine way is what inspired her project, and after this class, she will continue making the podcast as her hobby. 

“the art that’s made me”

 In “The Art That’s Made Me”, Briana Bane interviews podcaster, author, and art-enthusiast Katie Dalebout about the music and media that have impacted her throughout her life and led her to her career in podcasting today. The goal of the podcast is to open up a discussion how impactful certain music, television, and movies are, and how they have the ability to inspire countless young minds to pursue art. Coupled with clips and excerpts of the art that Katie has mentioned, “The Art That’s Made Me” is supposed to feel like an immersive, intimate experience.