Brian Christensen Zapiecki

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Brian Christensen Zapiecki is a senior in Gallatin with a concentration entitled “Propaganda.” Originally from Grand Rapids, Ohio, Outside of his academics, he is most well known for running Cookies and Coloring as the man behind the AI Gallatron, wearing a red fanny pack, or riding his razor scooter around Manhattan. His studies varied from entertainment production to media analysis along with political and economic philosophy. He’s also known for organizing GAFFE, Cookies and Coloring’s once in a blue moon celebration of the talents and creativity of everyday students at NYU. Brian’s last appearance in the Gallatin Art’s Festival was in the 2017 performance of “Getting to Know You.”


Wonder was created with the idea of recapturing the imaginative spriit of my younger self who would just daydream about the cosmos while sitting on the floor of my dad’s study. In my mind, the X-Wing my dad kept on the corner of his desk would swoop through the air as the walls and ceiling fell away to release a vast and open universe, ready for exploration. This piece tries to capture that specific moment in those moments, when the wonder of my imagination hit against the brittleness of reality.