Amira Dhanoa



Amira Dhanoa is a senior studying Integrated Digital Media at Tandon and Social Entrepreneurship through Stern. During her first two years at the engineering school, Amira found it difficult to foster her artistic and creative side while pursuing a Civil Engineering degree. Since she made the transfer to IDM, Amira’s been balancing her left and right brains through her interactive installations and short films. Outside of school, she interns with BIGtoken by SRAX to empower users to take ownership over their digital identities and models. Find her work on and see what she gets up to around nyc on instagram @vampira.v.

“perfectly ripe”

Amira Dhanoa’s piece “perfectly ripe” is settled in an area of the VR space where it could breathe a little bit better. perfectly ripe is a physical facet of Amira’s thesis project - which materialized as she was researching how South Asian mother-daughter relationships in the United States are broken, reforemed, and navigated through the lens of food. The original piece is a small-scale prototype cast from plaster.