Ma Qing

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Ma Qing is a senior in Gallatin with a concentration in Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Cross-Cultural Communications, and Food Studies. Born in Shanghai and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ma Qing set her passions in building cultural bridges, promoting positive communities and driving global economic growth. In Gallatin, she is the President at the Gallatin Business Society. Outside of school, she opened her Poke restaurant in San Francisco and is currently working on a new technology venture that bridges diverse culture through people's love of food. Ma Qing's work at the Gallatin Arts Festival showcases her academic pursuits. This is her first time participating in the Gallatin Arts Festival.

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“Food Experience 2.0”

Ma Qing's VR gallery space will hold food photographies from some of the most famous NYC restaurants. The idea started with creating a food platform that provides a better experience than Yelp. Normally, food photos we see are all static but in this gallery the viewers will see animated food photos. The viewers will be able to see various style of food images and reviews as they wall around the gallery space.